“Inside the Mind of Cybersecurity Writer Nicole Perlroth: An Exclusive Interview” 

 May 26, 2023

Inside the Mind of Cybersecurity Writer Nicole Perlroth: An Exclusive Interview

Nicole Perlroth is a cybersecurity writer, best known for her book “This is How They Tell Me the World Ends.” She’s also a New York Times reporter who has covered topics like hacker groups, cyberattacks, and privacy breaches. I had the opportunity to speak with Nicole and discovered a lot about her life as a writer, her cybersecurity expertise, and her perspective on the industry’s future. Here’s what I learned:

1. Becoming a Cybersecurity Writer

Perlroth’s passion for cybersecurity began when she was working for an internet startup in Silicon Valley during the early 2000s. It was an exciting time, but Perlroth noticed there was little to no awareness of potential cybersecurity threats, even as the internet and technology were rapidly expanding. She realized that cybersecurity was becoming an increasingly crucial aspect of everyone’s life and career.

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In 2010, Perlroth landed a job at The New York Times as a technology reporter, eventually moving to the cybersecurity beat. Her first big story was about the Chinese military hacking into American companies like Google and Intel. She wrote multiple articles investigating the topic and gained recognition for her expertise. Ultimately, her reporting on cybersecurity led to the publication of her acclaimed book.

2. Writing Style and Inspiration

Perlroth’s writing style is heavily influenced by investigative journalism. She focuses on uncovering the truth and providing her readers with an accurate representation of the cybersecurity landscape. Perlroth feels that hackers and cybersecurity experts are incredibly important but underappreciated in society, and her writing often brings their work to light.

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When asked about her favorite writers, Perlroth mentioned Michael Lewis and Jon Ronson. Their ability to take complex topics and make them fascinating and accessible to a wide audience inspires her work. Perlroth believes that writing about cybersecurity can be dry, but it’s essential to make it engaging and human.

3. Cybersecurity Challenges

Perlroth believes that both corporations and governments alike underestimate the power of hackers. She thinks that the reason why cyberattacks are so successful is that businesses don’t invest enough in improving their security. Companies focus more on risk assessment and compliance rather than actual security, which leaves them vulnerable to attacks.

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Additionally, governments often view hackers as “hacktivists” rather than criminals, which leads to a lack of consequences for their actions. Perlroth thinks that we need to change our perspective on how we view hackers. Suppose we want to improve cybersecurity as a whole. In that case, we must start acknowledging the severe harm that can be caused by cyberattacks, and start treating them accordingly.

4. Future of Cybersecurity

Perlroth believes that the future of cybersecurity is bleak. She thinks that corporations and governments are not doing enough to address the growing threat of cybersecurity breaches. She believes that companies need to invest more in developing secure software and infrastructure and providing better training for their employees.

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Perlroth also believes that there needs to be more collaboration between corporations and governments. Companies with vulnerable systems are often targeted by criminals, and the government needs to work with these businesses to protect them. She believes that the solution to cybersecurity problems needs to come from a combination of the public and private sectors.

5. Advice for Aspiring Writers

Perlroth’s advice for aspiring writers is to find something that you’re passionate about and become an expert in it. She stresses the importance of being knowledgeable about your topic and constantly staying on top of changes and trends.

She also encourages writers to keep an open mind when it comes to the sources they use for research. In her opinion, some of the best sources of information are those that are not in the public eye.

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6. FAQs

Q1. What is Nicole Perlroth’s cybersecurity book about?

A1. Nicole Perlroth’s book, “This is How They Tell Me the World Ends,” is about the global cybersecurity arms race. It covers fascinating stories about the people behind cyber attacks, the vulnerabilities of our technology, and the reality that cyber threats pose to our world.

Q2. What inspired Nicole Perlroth to write about cybersecurity?

A2. Nicole Perlroth’s background in technology and passion for cybersecurity drove her to write about the subject. She saw that cybersecurity was becoming increasingly important but noticed a lack of awareness in society at the time.

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Q3. What type of writing does Nicole Perlroth specialize in?

A3. Nicole Perlroth is an investigative journalist who specializes in writing about cybersecurity. Her work is focused on uncovering the truth and providing accurate facts about the current state of cybersecurity.

Q4. What does Nicole Perlroth think is the future of cybersecurity?

A4. Nicole Perlroth believes that cybersecurity threats will continue to grow in frequency and impact. She thinks that governments and corporations need to invest more in developing secure software and infrastructure and provide better training for their employees.

Q5. Who does Nicole Perlroth think is responsible for improving cybersecurity?

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A5. Nicole Perlroth thinks that improving cybersecurity is a joint responsibility between governments and corporations. Corporations need to invest in security measures, and governments need to provide support and actively investigate and prosecute cybercriminals.

Q6. What inspired Nicole Perlroth’s writing style?

A6. Nicole Perlroth’s writing style is inspired by investigative journalism. She focuses on uncovering the truth and provides an accurate representation of the cybersecurity landscape. Perlroth aims to make her writing accessible to a broader audience.

Q7. What is Perlroth’s advice for aspiring writers?

A7. Perlroth suggests aspiring writers become an expert in a topic they are passionate about. She emphasizes the importance of staying knowledgeable about your topic, keeping an open mind, and constantly staying on top of changes and trends.

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7. Conclusion

Nicole Perlroth’s expertise in cybersecurity proves that cybersecurity is a topic for everyone, not just those working in tech. Her passion for uncovering the truth and making her writing engaging for readers is inspiring. She has an incredibly insightful perspective on the future of cybersecurity and how we need to improve it. The importance of investing in cybersecurity cannot be understated, and Perlroth’s work highlights this importance.

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